Free People

Free People Blog - Who is She? Meet LA Musician Brianna Falcone

Meet the ethereal LA musician Brianna Falcone in a wonderfully sincere interview. Upon first sight of Brianna Falcone, I was instantly mesmerized.


Bahgsu Jewels - North Star Lookbook and Video Feat. "Let Her Roam" by Brianna Falcone

The Stars have been valued and loved tools for inner & outer navigation since the dawn of mankind. Our ancestors allowed their light to guide them and created monuments of adoration to honor them.
See Video and Lookbook HERE...

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold Sessions - Article and Live Videos

I first met Brianna a few years ago on the beach. There's something really beautiful about this wonderful lady from Colorado. She is warm, kind and sweet. She has this amazing presence. Her take on life is magic and I'm so excited to share her beautiful songs and voice with you.